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Best headphones under 2000 in India






 Headphones are one of the essential things in laptop, Pc & mobile as it gives you the privacy of working and simultaneously gives you the thrill of the mini home theatre while streaming movies or songs. In this article, we will help you buy the best headphones under 2000 in both gaming & regular headphones.

So, which is the best headphones under 2000?

There are two types of headphones available in the market gaming & normal headphones under 2000. The categorization doesn't mean that gaming headphones can't be useful in streaming movies or normal headphones can't be used in gaming. Both can be used in both situations, but they perform better in their respective categories. 

Best headphones under 2000


While making this list, we mainly considered three things the build quality, sound quality & comfort level.

5 Best Normal headphones under 2000

The Sennheiser HD 206 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 206 one of the best headphones under the price of 2000. The connector & the 6.3mm adapter is gold plated in this headphone.

Sound Quality 

The Sennheiser HD 206 has a frequency response of 21000 to 18000 Hz. The treble and bass are excellent.

Build Quality

The body is made up of plastic, but it's good quality. The cushions are suitable for long time use. The headphones weigh about 215 grams. 

AKG K52 Closed-back headphone


The AKG K52 is an over-ear style of a headphone that comes with the excellent build quality.

Build Quality

The headphones have a leather strap cushion on the band with spring style design, which is very comfortable for long sessions.

Sound Quality

The headphone comes with 40mm drivers who provide excellent sound quality.

Sony MDR - XB450 On Ear headphones

Sony is one of the trusted brands in sound equipment. The Sony MDR XB450 headphone is the best sony headphone under 2000.

Sound Quality

The headphone comes with 30mm drivers(Dome type)which provide good sound quality with extra bass.

Build Quality & comfort level

The headphones have a solid & premium build quality. And because of the excellent cushion on the ear cuffs, it's suitable for gyms, walking. The headphone also comes with tangle-free cable.


JBL Tune 500 On Ear Headphones


JBL is one of the old brands in the audio industry.

Sound Quality

The JBL Tune 500 has a 32mm driver with a frequency range of 20Hz- 20KHz. It also has a one-button mic/remote to access calls.

Build Quality

The body is made up of premium quality plastic, and cushioning is good. JBL Tune is available in 4 different colors.


Boult Audio ProBass Q( wireless headphone)


The Boult Audio ProBass Q is one of the very stylish and compact headphones under 2000. This is a wireless headphone, so you can use it anywhere without worrying about wires.

Sound Quality

The headphone has an ample amount of bass & good audio quality thanks to 40mm drivers. The range of this ProBass Q is about 10meter. You got an aux cable with it, so even the battery runs out, you can enjoy listening.

Build & comfort level

The headphones have good build quality & because of lightweight, It is very comfortable for long sessions.


5 Best gaming headphones under 2000

Redgear Cloak wired RGB. headphones


Redgear cloak, one of the cheapest and best headphones we can buy under 2000. The headphones come with an elegant design & with three connectors, two 3.5mm jack and one USB.

Build quality

Although the material is used in these headphones is plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap. And the headband is also made up of metal. The cloak's cable quality is also good; it's not breaded, but it is thick & good.

Sound quality

The headphones provide 50mm drivers, which are excellent in quality. The headphones don't have 7.1 surround sound, and you shouldn't expect this in this price range. The bass quality is pretty good & it can give good quality sound for music lovers. The sound doesn't crack on high sound.

Comfort level

As the headbands are auto adjustable, the headphones are very comfortable to wear. The cushions on the ear cuffs are comfortable.


Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming On- Ear 7 Color RGB


Cosmic Byte brand is the most trustable brand in headphones and PC accessories in India. These headphones come with one silver plated 3.5mm jack and a USB.

Build Quality

Cosmic Byte GS430 has a sturdy build quality with an excellent breaded cable. It has a volume controller available on the cable to adjust the volume. And also a cushion padding on the headband. 

Sound quality

The headphones have 40mm drivers, which are capable of fair gaming. The headphones can catch good low-frequency sounds and give a good bass boost in gaming and music.

comfort level

The headphones provide the right comfort level, and you can adjust the headband. The cushion is very soft and big enough to cover your ear.


Cosmic byte H11 Gaming headphones


The Cosmic byte H11 comes with a single 3.5 mm jack And doesn't have RGB in it.

Build Quality

The cosmic byte h11 is made up of good quality plastic. The headphones have a fair amount of flexibility; it doesn't break while bending or twisting. The cable is also braided in good quality.

Sound Quality

The headphones have 40mm drivers & an impedance of 32ohms. The h11 provides good bass and treble in gaming & music. You can easily hear footsteps in these headphones, and the sound doesn't crack in 100% volume.

Comfort Level

In the comfort level, the headphones are performed pretty well. It has a fair amount of cushions in both headband & ear cuffs & The headband is also adjustable. The headphones weigh about 400grams.


Cosmic Byte G3300


The cosmic Byte G3300 is one of the cool-looking headphones under 2000 because of it's chrome looking style with a metal headband.

The headphones also have a volume controller & mic switch below ear cuffs. For connectivity, It has two gold plated 3.5mm jack with one USB. Cosmic byte G3300 comes with seven color RGB led lights with a thumping bass effect.

Build Quality

The build quality of the cosmic byte g3300 is very sturdy. The headband is made up of metal, which is very good in quality. You will also get an excellent braided 2m cable.

Sound Quality

The drivers of these headphones are 50mm with a frequency range from 15hz-20khz. For music, there is a fair amount of bass present. But it is not that louder. In gaming, it is good. You can get the feeling of surround sound.

Comfort level

The headphones are comfortable to wear. There is an ample amount of cushioning in ear cuffs, but it's not that soft as we expect in these headphones, but it's okay. You can wear it for long sessions. The headband is auto adjustable, so there will be no problem with the adjustment.


Cosmic byte cosmo 7.1 gaming headphones under 2000

Cosmic byte cosmo 7.1 is the only gaming headphones on our list with 7.1 virtual surround sound. It also has a noise cancellation microphone. For connectivity, the headphones have only one USB.

Build Quality

Cosmic byte cosmo 7.1 is a very bulky and robust headphone. The headbands are made up of metal & ear cuffs have plastic mesh in them. The cables are 2.2m long, and although it is not braided, it's good in quality. The headphones come with a very bright RGB light.

Sound Quality

The headphones have immersive sound quality; with 50mm drivers, it provides excellent lows and highs. You can listen to the enemies' fade footstep very easily in gaming.

Comfort level

On the comfort level, it has some good points & some bad. As these headphones are massive & bulky in size, you can wear them for long hours. As the headphones are purely for gaming purposes, it fits slightly tighter on the head for a better experience, which will not be a problem if you are in an air conditioner room. Otherwise, this is an excellent headphone under 2000.


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